Automate Anything In Encompass with RPAs

With RPA technology, you can now take any task that used to be time and manpower intensive, and assign your new virtual workforce.  Tasks that used to require entire departments, can now be automated and virtualized requiring no human intervention.

Out of the Box Solutions


Automate Your Disclosures

Mortgage Automation comes with the ability to automate your disclosures in Encompass, out of the box. That means an error free and no touch human process on every loan through your pipeline.

Intent to Proceed

Mortgage Automation comes with the ability to allow your loan officer’s to update loans intent to proceed in Encompass, from their mobile devices – out of the box.

Examples of Automation in Encompass

Commissions Connectivity

Connect your compensation application with your Encompass loan data to get real time compensation reporting for your loan officers.

Funding Warehouse lines

Create the ability to assign loans to the most efficient warehouse line based on investor requirements.

Real Time Reporting Emails

Send reports with real time data from Encompass to inquiring parties via rich text emails.

Loan Data Validation

Test your Encompass loans for validation by creating your own company specific rules without opening the loan inside of Encompass.